Caring for a child / young person can be one of the most difficult roles anyone can undertake. At times life can be tough and watching someone you care about struggle to make sense of their emotions and behaviours can be difficult. When a young person is feeling stressed or anxious, angry or upset, or when bad things have happened, they may benefit from some extra help from outside the family. That one person they can talk to in confidence.


Escayp offers 6 counselling / therapeutic play sessions in a confidential and supportive space. The young person will be given the opportunity to express their feelings and to explore issues that are concerning them. We aim to support them in coping with these issues in a secure and safe environment.


If you are concerned about a child or young person’s mental health, then there are other organisations that offer advice and support that you may find useful.


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Thank you for giving her an appointment so quickly I thought it would be at least after September, if we got an appointment at all! I’m in the middle of Sainsbury’s and I could cry I’m so happy. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the appointment and how quickly we have been given one. We are extremely grateful and really happy we are getting this help. Thank you so much for this

She has improved

Confident, Supportive & feel safe

A positive impact and we are so grateful

It’s been brilliant

Really helped

Counsellor is credit to you. You will never know how much they have helped.