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Trustees had decided that Escayp should close on March 31st 2022, but our funds will allow us to continue for longer than feared. From the number of referrals still being received, it is clear that the level of need in West Yorkshire is as great as ever. Outcomes from submitted bids have been disappointing, though we await funding decisions from 2 other sources.  The Trustees are very grateful to the staff and  Counsellors who have worked so hard to develop Escayp into a much loved and valued service. 

December 2021. 

Our thanks to Sandra Atkinson of Holmfirth for her second fund raiser for Escayp. Sandra planned an alcohol-free month in December and generous friends and family supported this to the tune of £1103. We appreciate her help at this time when we are very short of ‘back office’ funds to cover the running costs of the charity. Our work in schools is largely covered by the schools paying for counselling on an ‘as and when needed’ hourly basis, so extra funds such as Sandra’s are vital to cover non-schools work. £1103 will cover the cost of counselling sessions for 7 young people. The mental health needs of young people are higher now than ever before, and the demand for the type of support that we provide hugely exceeds the supply – both statutory and voluntary. As a worker in the statutory sector commented recently ‘where will we send young people if you close?’

July 13th

See our Research page for the latest Trends Report – ‘A brief review of services delivered since 2017’