Sadly, Trustees decided that Escayp should close in July 2023. We feared this back in March 2022, but unexpected funding allowed us to continue for longer. The level of need in West Yorkshire is as great as ever.  The Trustees are very grateful to the staff and  Counsellors who have worked so hard to develop Escayp into a much loved and valued service.

July 2023

Jackie Bould had the vision and foresight to set up ESCAYP in 2008. This is her post today on Facebook:

After watching sinead O’Connor’s interview I am absolutely horrified to hear what this poor woman went through with her siblings in her childhood.

And yet we can’t get further funding for our children and young people’s counselling service ESCAYP.

This was part of the reason for setting the charity up to help support and change young peoples lives for the better.

NOBODY should ever have to experience this torture let alone a child.

BUT the powers that be continue to shut us all down.

Sadly we have to close in August after 15 years of hard wonderful work.

Sadly, young people will still have to suffer because THE GOVERNMENT CANT GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER. MP’s aren’t interested and the Lottery and Children in Need have such a huge demand with finite resources.

Rest in Peace Sinead