Case Study C

C. was 12 at the start of counselling. In her own words, she “felt happy but a bit cross sometimes”. She also talks about her anger and grumpiness. Her mother describes her as having very frequent “rages”, which could last up to 2 hours, and having little insight or self-regulation. Her counsellor identified a specific issue with anger. By the end of the 8 sessions, she felt that her behaviour had improved and she had learned how to control her “crossness”. Her mother endorses this: “Her rages are a lot shorter. She has more self-regulation and calms down a lot quicker. She has stopped throwing things!!” Her counsellor also assessed her anger as being much less of a problem by the end of counselling, and all other areas with slightly raised scores at the beginning had reduced to “minimal” difficulties. The risks identified were also no longer apparent.