Emotional Support for Children And Young People

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We are pleased to be able to open referrals again, but...

please be aware that we still have very limited finances. We are restricted to the number of referrals we can take, and the locations we can offer. We cannot guarantee you will be offered an appointment at your requested location and day, but will do our best to offer the closest location and day. Zoom sessions may also be available – you will appreciate that these allow us more flexibility when allocating the work. For more information on our current situation, or if you can help to support us financially, please contact us.

It is our intention to enable children and young people to explore their issues ‘off the record’ (with the exception of Safeguarding issues)

Waiting Times

Escayp aims to place most Children and Young People with a counsellor within 12 - 24 weeks from receiving the referral.

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